Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creative Clutter

Hi Crafters!

Have you ever had a creative block?  Yes, I know...creativity never stops...but it can become blocked for a day or two.  And that certainly happened in my case.  I knew I had to do something about it.  So my creative juices starting flowing.  

The first thing that I had to tackle was my workspace...or lack there of.  Like many new crafters, when I first began to craft regularly, I didn't think about my workspace.  I simply bought supplies and began creating cards, journals, earrings, et cetera. However, a couple of years later and I found myself surrounded by a creative clutter.  A mess.  LOL   While I had purchased various storage containers and whatnot to keep myself somewhat organized, I didn't take into consideration my workspace.  I literally worked at my dinning room table.  :o(  

However, thanks to two of my good friends, Varsha and Amber, I now have a beautiful work space.  Varsha would always say; "Sheila, you need more space.  Your crafts are taking over."  And, honestly, she was right - no argument from me.  Well, as life would have it, Varsha invited me to visit a friend of hers, Amber.  I had remembered Amber from a brief meeting several years ago, but since then had only seen her in passing.  I am SO glad that Varsha suggested for all of us to hang out.  It changed my creative life!!! 

Why? I'll tell you why.  Amber is fabulous at creating functional spaces.  Her dwelling space is right out of a magazine!  And I loved it.  She and I collaborated, and by that I mean, she came to place, observed my 'workspace' and all of my supplies and then designed what has turned into a WONDERFUL creative functional workspace for me.  

I have pictures to share, however, I was so excited for Amber to create this space for me that I forgot to take pictures of the 'before' space.  I have a couple, but honestly they don't represent the real-deal.  To give you an idea of my original workspace...my dwelling space is a one bedroom apartment.  Although a very nice size, it's still a one bedroom.  So I was using my dinning room space as my crafting space.  Between cardstock, embellies and my Pazzles Inspiration cutter, I could no longer see the table top.  I think you get the idea - besides, I am having going into shock just thinking about it - LOL 

Lesson learned....a cluttered work space is cluttered creative space.  So I encourage you to de-clutter and get back to creating!!! Everyone needs a little Amber in their life!  (Seriously, she's like a little Nate Berkus!)  THANKS AMBER!!!  
But now...I L-O-V-E my new space!!!  And so do all my visitors!  

Brace yourself, the first few photos are not pretty.....don't judge me...LOL 



Side by side comparison photos...

Remember creativity never stops, so do something creative every day!

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