Monday, November 21, 2011

Cards, Cards, Cards...

Hi Crafters!

So it's been crazy lately, but as I always say, creativity never stops.  I have been creating a lot of cards these past few days.  I love creating greeting cards.  I think greeting cards are a beautiful way of letting someone you know that they are thought of, loved, appreciated, and so on.

Greeting cards take on the personality that you give them, so when you create them, don't hold back.  A card can be inspired by just about anything, a person, a peice of paper, a color, a memory...just about whatever inspires you. 

Here are a couple of pictures of my latest card creations and the inspiration behind each of them.

The first card was inspired by the feathers.  The second card was inspired by the image.  The third card was inspired by the thought of how down someone may feel when they are ill, so the bright flower embellishments are the true stars of the card. 


Have you created any greeting cards lately?  Let me know, leave a comment. 

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  1. The first two cards are very lovely ; )