Sunday, July 8, 2012

Backyard Boutique

Naubii's Creations was a featured vendor at fun and exciting event hosted by 'Women Of Charm' this past weekend.  The event was cleverly named the 'Backyard Boutique'.

'Women Of Charm" is a wonderful source for fun fashion accessories.  It's owned by two of my friends, Ugunda and Alexis.  They have some of the cutest and fashionable 'must haves' for the fashionistas of today!  I purchased a gorgeous scarf and a necklace & earring set.  I can't wait to premiere my new goodies this summer!

Enough about me shopping...I digressed.  LOL  But let's face it, shopping is worth talking about!  

The 'Backyard Boutique' event featured 12 vendors featuring:  accessories, both modern and vintage, custom greeting cards (ahem, that's me...), men's accessories, event planning, shoes, beauty products, shoes, tasty treats and gourmet delights.  All of the customers had wonderful compliments to share.  That alone made the event a success!  

Naubii's Creations
Bon Appetite
Deanney's Delights
Lila Rosa
Lil This and Lil That
Links - Fine Men Accessories
Natural Talent
Women Of Charm
Cleveland Wright Accessories

Photo Op!
Below are some pictures of the event.  I wasn't able to get pictures of all the vendors before customers started shopping.  I'll try to add photos as they are shared from other vendors. 

As always, thanks for stopping by today.  Stop by again soon to check out the latest creations!

Remember, creativity never stops, so do something creative every day!

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